In 2013 we opened the ANIAP (Associazione nazionale Italiana Agenzia Alla pari) Italian au-pair association for aupair agencies  – ANIAP was opened by 4 long term serving agencies all over Italy.

The National Italian Au-Pair Association for Au-Pair Agencies(ANIAP) was founded in November 2013. It came about because there was a need to regulate the quality of both au-pair and family during a cultural exchange, following the standar both in Europe and the world to make the au pair program always the safest for young people and families.

The birth of ANIAP was hugely supported by IPA, international association of all major industry organizations and each year invites you to attend its conferences to have a continuous update of what is happening in the world of youth mobility.

The primary objective of this association is to help and safely regulate this au-pair service, aiming to match up families and au-pairs alike. In this fast paced modern era, people tend not to make security a top priority, if they believe they can get the same service elsewhere, saving money and time.

ANIAP is the first Italian organization ever to have taken part in a meeting dell’ECAPS- European Committee for Au Pair Standards, Berlin 6-7th November 2013.